About the process

The registration process will help you establish an account with IBM and to acquire the necessary software to allow you to get started with IBM Verify Credentials.

Each user will need to obtain an IBM ID in order to establish a customer account with IBM. If you have problems, you can get help for your IBM ID. Your IBMid will be used to establish an account with the IBM Verify Credentials Agency where you will be able to create one or more cloud agents.

Note: The IBM Verify Credentials Alpha Release allows a maximum of ten (10) Agents per IBMid.

Once you have created an IBM Verify Credentials Agency account, you will have one initial cloud agent allocated to your account. This agent can be used for Holder or Verifier activities. It can not be used as an Issuer. You will be able to add additional cloud agents, with or without Issuer privileges, to your account later.

The registration process automatically generates an introductory email that invites you to visit Apple TestFlight to allow you access to the IBM Verify Credentials Mobile App (Verify Creds). Since IBM Verify Credentials is only an Alpha Release, the Verify Creds app is not formally available on the Apple App Store.

Note: Support for both Apple iOS and Android platforms will be available in future releases. For the Alpha Release, the Verify Creds is only available on iOS via Apple TestFlight.

Upon completion of the registration process, you will receive an acknowledgement email that will provide you with confirmation of:

  1. Account name
  2. Account URL
  3. Agent Name
  4. Agent URL
  5. Agent Login URL
  6. Agent Password

and a link to download and install the IBM Verify Credentials Chrome Extension.

Create Account

Using your web browser, follow the subsequent steps setup your environment.

Step 1

Navigate to the IBM Verify Credentials Agency website.

Step 2

You may be prompted for your IBM ID if you are not currently logged in. If you are prompted for your IBM ID and you already have one, enter it here. If you do not currently have an IBM ID and would like to get one, follow the link on the IBM ID page to create or register a new one.

Step 3

Creating a IBM Verify Credentials Agency account requires you to fill out a simple form that creates an initial Agency Account and an initial Agent within the Agency Account. This form requires the following data:

Form Data Element Description
Agent Name User defined agent name, used to create the initial Cloud Agent in the account.
Notification Email User email address, will receive an introductory email which will include a link to Apple TestFlight which can be used to download the IBM Verify Credentials mobile app.

Fill out the form and click Create Account.

The account creation process will use the above data to create the following key data elements associated with your Agency Account.

Generated Data Description
Account Name An autogenerated unique name assigned to the account and is associated with a unique IBMid.
Account URL The URL that is assigned to an account on our Public Agency and associated with a single IBMid. The syntax is as follows: https://<account_name>.<agency-domain-name>
Account API Key A unique access key associated with the Account Name. It is used for secure login processing.
Agent URL The URL of a specific Cloud Agent your Agency Account.
Agent Login URL A fully qualified Agent URL that includes a password for automatic login.
Agent Password An autogenerated password associated with the Agent Name

Step 4

Check your email inbox. You will be given several key account details that you should note:

  • Agency URL: Click on the Agency URL and bookmark it in your browser. This is the URL you will visit to login to your Agency Account in the future.
  • Account URL: This is the URL you would use when manually configuring edge devices.
  • Agent Name: The name of the initial agent created in your Agency Account.

Step 5

In the same email:

  1. Click on the "Get Browser Extension" button to download the Chrome Extension. This link will open the Chrome Web Store and highlight the IBM Verify Credentials Chrome Extension.
  2. Click Add to Chrome.
  3. Some extensions will let you know if they need certain permissions or data. To approve, click Add extension, which will open a new browser tab.